Making one’s dreams come true
is what makes life extremely fascinating

Charming by Paula owes its prestigious position to…feelings.
Everything that we do, what we commit to, breathes the adoration we have for beautiful things.
The attention to every detail and the constant search for new, even more exquisite designs, solutions and inspirations makes the world
of CHARMING flourish.

What makes us truly delighted is our clients’ satisfaction.
Charming by Paula is a company which consistently walks its own path.

Beauty is immeasurable – it is however possible to measure the outcome of actions undertaken to create it.

Our philosophy is believing in our own standards and values.

Our ideas on how to frame and organize the projects are very precise. Along with maximum effectiveness, our requirements are extremely high. We focus on vision, safety, quality and, of course, passion. Everything is equally important – so important that we engage our suppliers into the development of every new task. We demand a lot from them, as well as we demand a lot from ourselves. We believe in partnership. This also means being fully responsible for our work and for our clients.

We are a small but independent business and we are not intimidated by big companies.

We are dedicated to providing a truly detailed wedding planning and coordination services, along with accompanying events. Our objective is to relieve you of all duties and stress related to the management of an event. Thus, you may use the full range of our services or select only some of them. At the beginning of our cooperation you choose the parts of work in which you will need professional help from Charming by Paula.
As a made-to-measure wedding dress, all the events planned by Charming by Paula are also carefully designed. This means that you are approached individually and our custom offer is tailored to your needs and means in every chapter and verse. We take into account all the circumstances that come along the preparation of your wedding.

We offer, among other things, preferential and otherwise unobtainable rates for various services ( which are always authentic and at the highest level, regardless the price). Thanks to our know-how you do not need to plan the ceremony well in advance. When it comes to preparation time, we provide a detailed planning of even the most complex projects in the blink of an eye. A dream wedding in one or two months? With us, anything is possible!

We will take on the burden of the most absorbing elements of preparation.


Considering the diversity of personal needs and concepts, every couple who requests our assistance is approached individually.

Our first casual meeting will be scheduled in a location of your choice at a date and time that suits you best. This meeting is an opportunity to discuss expectations and provide all the necessary information that will help us prepare a price offer and a preliminary work schedule. Preparing an offer, depending on circumstances, takes up to 7 days. In case of cancellation, the cost of a detailed offer would be 200 euros.
If you accept our concept, the offer preparation will be free. The price above is related to the invested time and the negotiations that we must personally carry out with other service providers. The amount covers the costs of pre-booking the venue / restaurant until the final decision is made.


We are here to help plan
and coordinate the one-of-a kind
dream day which is your wedding!

Preparations for the wedding ceremony require a lot of time and energy and always involve emotions. Both the future newlyweds as well as their parents can easily get carried by emotions as the wedding is always preceded by a great commotion and stress. Charming by Paula, thanks to the range of services it provides, will help you and your relatives feel relieved. We will take the burden off your shoulders during the most laborious parts of the planning process.

We want you to feel wonderful not only on your wedding day, but also throughout the preparation time. We will do everything in our power so that you and your guests remember only those positive moments, not the fear and uncertainty which often go hand in hand with wedding preparations.

Engagement event

Detailed planning and coordination of wedding and reception (possibility of organizing a two-hour pre-marital counselling)

Detailed planning of the bachelor and bachelorette party

Personal trainer and dietician available 24h/7 until the wedding day

Honeymoon planning

Concierge service available 24h/7

Wedding website

A location for an outdoor wedding by the lake including decorations


Engagement event

Detailed planning and coordination of wedding

Assistance with planning the bachelor and bachelorette party

Personal trainer and dietician

A location for an outdoor wedding by the lake including decorations


Detailed planning and coordination of the wedding and the reception

Assistance with planning the bachelor and bachelorette party

Event coordination from the morning hours until 1:00 a.m

Everything has been planned but on the wedding day you would like to have fun and experience this day to the fullest and be sure that there is someone who coordinates every moment of the whole ceremony and provides assistance. This is the responsibility of a wedding coordinator who knows all the service providers’ phone numbers, makes sure the tables do not lack anything and watches over the staff – does everything that is usually done by the newlyweds, the witnesses and the parents.
Detailed wedding planning and coordination
  • Writing a wedding ceremony script
  • Creating a wedding budget
  • Venue reservation: hotel, palace, restaurant, an outdoor location
  • Signing contracts with service providers
  • Designing and sending out the invitations / notifications
  • Organization of a bachelorette party / bachelor party
  • Creating a gift list
  • Assistance with tailoring the wedding dress
Wedding coordination
  • Make-up
  • Hairdresser
  • Bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • Wedding venue decoration
  • Attractions: white pigeons, flowers or rice cones
  • Photo and video services
  • Musical setting for the ceremony
  • Wedding vehicle rental
  • Car decoration
  • Transport of wedding guests
Wedding coordination
  • Reception venue decoration
  • Menu creation / Catering reservation
  • Music band / DJ / Cheerleader
  • Wedding cake selection
  • Alcohol purchase and transport
  • Guests accommodation
  • Acknowledgements to guests and parents
  • Champagne brunch
  • Additional attractions: firework display, bartending show, dance show, etc.
  • Assistance in obtaining a bank loan
  • Help in finding / replacing a flat
  • Dance course


Cooperation with Charming agency was a pure pleasure. Throughout the planning period, we knew we were working with professionals. Their competence was also very valuable to our crew. Meticulous, they kept to deadlines. We were under professional care. The consultants offered optimal and, at the same time, interesting solutions. People designated for regular contact with us significantly improved our cooperation through constant communication and a specific vision of the event.

We definitely recommend the agency Charming by Paula.
Marketing and event manager
We are very grateful to Mrs. Paula for help in organizing our wedding. Many years of experience and individual approach to the customer made everything work out just as we wished. Our guests felt special and we did not have to worry about anything. We focused on experiencing this unique moment.

We wish each young couple such professional help and care in the most important event of your life.

Our only regret is that we cannot live it again.
Agnieszka & Dawid Fabiańscy


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